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My life is diverse. What I like changes. Perception is reality, and I can change perception.

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This happened at work today. Smile.


i hate when someone spoils the movie for me

Summer heat beat the kids down

Happy 4th from my house.

Wisdom tooth gone. But now I can’t workout until Sunday. Win some lose some.

Puffy faced thanks to the dentist. Time to get some work done. Yay?

Sometimes you have to hang out with old friends to feel a little more relaxed (at University City YMCA)

So this is my 7 year old daughter standing beside her 7 year old cousin. I think I can cancel the HGH plans, she’s growing just fine.

Then be that because beauty has a million variations.

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Sometimes I feel like the spare tire is a drag.


this could be us but you playin


this could be us but you playin

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